Who Are We

Care At The Core of Humanity (CATCH) is a private voluntary organization (PVO35/12) registered with the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare. It was founded in 2007. CATCH works with children that are in need of legal aid, psychosocial support and rehabilitation focusing on those in conflict with the law and those that have encountered abuse. The objective being to ensure the protection of children’s rights and improving their welfare.


The face of children’s rights in Zimbabwe.


To offer awareness on, and support for social and legal justice for children in Zimbabwe


Children’s rights and social injustice through:

  •  Promotion of access to justice for children.
  • Rehabilitation of children in contact with the law
  • Lobbying, research and advocacy
  • Raising awareness on children‘s rights
As an established private voluntary organization that has been functional for over 10 years, our focus has been and will continue to be ensuring that children’s rights are protected, promoted and respected, and ensuring that children in contact with the law receive legal aid free of charge. Our work over the years in the community have revealed that children are the most vulnerable group and there is still a lot of work to be done to reduce their vulnerability. In Zimbabwe, there are children that need rehabilitation due to the diverse forms of abuse they would have suffered. One of the major gaps is the limited availability of services in comparison to the high demand for services. As CATCH our aim is to provide accessible services to children and link them with other specialized service providers.



The department’s mandate is to ensure that all legal modalities and services required by each individual child in contact with the law are met in a safe and enabling environment which empowers children to claim their rights, whereas on the other hand monitoring the obligations of duty bearers. Activities under the legal department include Legal representation, legal advice sessions, court accompaniment, bail application, fine payment and weekly visits to detention facilities housing child offenders to identify new cases needing services and to monitor their conditions of detention.