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Research and documentation

The department is primarily responsible for the production of the reports on child rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Lobbying and advocacy

Findings from research is used to identify issues for discussion to influence the advancement and improvements of the lives of children. This targets policy makers and key duty bearers in the realisation of children’s rights.

Child Protection

The focus of the department is the rehabilitation and reintegration of children in contact with the law using deliberate social work methods addressing their welfare needs. Ultimately the initiative seeks to correct and help build children’s support systems, which would have been dysfunctional leading or pushing children to be in contact with the law. Psycho social support through case management model brings together different child protection players to address the different needs of an individual child and his/her family. Activities include family therapy, counseling (pre and post-trial/post-abuse),case conferencing, home assessment visits, peer support groups, linking up children to other specialist service providers among others.

Education and Awareness

The focus is information dissemination to children, their families as well as the community at large to address the huge information gap that exists in terms of them not being able to claim their rights as they may not be aware of those rights. Platforms that have been created include the following; support groups for child offenders, Conversation cafes for children in schools and ‘shoko’ campaigns for communities at large particularly parents as the primary duty bearers.